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VIP membership
What is VIP membership?

The VIP membership is a paid element in Hotel Hideaway that give you several advantages in the game.

How long does the VIP membership last?

The membership can be purchased in the game or via the in-app purchase for 30 days.

What kind of advantages do I have with this membership?
  • 100 additional diamonds per day (3000 in total over 30 days)
  • 20 additional cookies per day (600 in total over 30 days)
  • Your friendship stamps are renewed twice as fast
  • A special VIP badge that is displayed above your name in your profile

Where can I buy the VIP membership?

Just like in the in-game shop, a membership can also be purchased from your „Daily Rewards“ page. You will receive a notification 72 hours before your membership expires.

Will all of my created avatars have VIP membership after purchase?

No, only the avatar with which you bought the membership will have it.

Informations about the daily gifts with a VIP membership

If you request your daily reward and then buy a VIP membership, you will not receive the bonus for that day. When your VIP membership expires, you won’t receive any additional diamonds or cookies until you renew your membership.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t claim your daily reward while your membership is active, you won’t receive it afterwards. Make sure you claim it everyday.

Does the VIP membership renew itself automatically every month?

VIP membership is not a subscription service. Every purchase of the monthly membership needs to be confirmed.

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