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Trials of Style
What is Trials of Style?

Trials of Style is a permament competition in Hotel Hideaway in which you can present your own styles to the community in topic-related rounds and collect prizes for them.

Trials of Style frontpage
How can I take part in a Trials of Style photoshoot?

To take part, you have to click on the menu icon (screenshot below). On the first page you will find all currently open competitions. These are topic-related (for example autumn or alien outfit). To participate in a competition, you need tickets. The number of tickets you need to spent depends on how difficult the topic is.

Every time you participate in those, you will immediately receive a small prize in form of coins, suitcases, cookies or tickets. Sometimes you can also get a 1 or 2-star item.

Trials of Style menu icon

There are different types of photoshoots you can participate in. The following points are:

  • The topic of the photoshoot 
  • The background (to inspire you!)
  • The end date of the competition
  • When the voting is over (so you will know when you will receive your reward!)
  • Possible rewards
  • Whether certain items of clothing must be used to participate
  • The difficulty of the photoshoot

Photoshooting are arranged according to the time of expiry, means that the first ones expires sooner then the later ones. You will be able to see the photoshoots that you can attend and that you have participated in and that will be voted on.

If you participate with an avatar with the standard items, your participation will not be shown to the other guests due to trolling. You can change your outfit until the voting stars. You can take part in a photoshoot several times, but only the highest number of points you have achieved counts towards your season points.

TOP 10

The TOP 10 of an outfit competition receives a very rare profile background in their inbox.

TOP 10 background
How do I gain tickets for the Trails of Style?

How to get tickets for the Trails of Style competitions:

  • Through daily rewards
  • By simply voting for the outfits of other people
  • By buying tickets in offers and in the shop
  • By submitting outfits regularly
  • By participating in room competitions

NOTE: There is a ticket limit of 75 tickets received through quests or voting. There is no limit for purchased tickets.

Trials of Style voting
Trials of Style Season

Each season you receive points that counts towards your reward rank. You will receive season points for every photoshoot you participate in. For better results, you will get more points (up to 5 stars) and will move up the ranks depending on how many points you collect in 13 days.

Your stars also indicates your current rank and your points will show you how close you are to the next rank. The higher you are, the better your rewards, especially for the fashion stars among y’all who make it into the top 100!

When a season is over, your rewards will be sent to your inbox within 24 to 48 hours and a new season will start soon after.

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