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What is the Hotel Hideaway Trashbot?

The Trashbot is Hotel Hideaway’s automatic filter system.

How does the Hotel Hideaway Trashbot work?

You will be divided into one of three categories (censorshop levels or trust level) in the filter. These are:

  1. green: „trusted“
  2. yellow: „trustworthy“ 
  3. red: „untrostworthy“

Every user at the beginning is automatically „trustworthy“. With correct behavior, this will change from time to time. However, in our experience, most users stay permanently with yellow, also trustworthy. It’s unclear why.

The Hotel Hideaway chat is filtered based on community rules. If you violate these rules with saying a bad word, it will be censored with „*****“.

Censorship levels in Hotel Hideaway

The censorshop levels that have already been mentioned above have different effects on the chats how you can write unfiltered.

  • green: You’ve won our trust with your amazing behavior! Now, in public chat, you will be subjected to the lowest level of censorship.
  • yellow: You have our trust, dear guest. In public chat, you will be subjected to medium levels of censorship.
  • red: Hideaway doesn’t support hate speech and overly sexual language in public chat. Keep these out of public chat and we’re all good.
What is filtered in Hotel Hideaway?
  • public rooms
  • profiles
  • usernames
  • group names
  • room names
  • group chats
What is not being filtered?
  • private chats
  • private rooms

In the case of unfiltered areas, you can choose in your settings whether they should still be filtered or not.

What influence my level of trust in Hotel Hideaway?
  • Chats in public rooms
  • Chats in private rooms
  • Group chats
  • Player profiles
  • Room names
  • Group names

If you behave well (no rule violations for an unspecified period of time), you can develop a higher level of trust.

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