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Tailor of Fortune
What exactly is the Tailor of Fortune?

The „Tailor of Fortune“ is a wheel where you can win prizes in form of clothing items. This game is completely based on luck. In some cases, when receiving an item from the spinner, you can win a sticker or 500 coins. 

Where can I find the Tailor of Fortune?

The Tailor of Fortune is located in the first public room named „Oasis Lobby“. You can go directly to this public room via the hotel view or elevator if you click on the wheel of fortune icon.

Oasis Lobby with the Tailor of Fortune
How does the Tailor of Fortune work?

First, you need to go to the Oasis Lobby and click on the Tailor of Fortune. Your avatar will walk there and the wheel of fortune will open once after you are there. If you have enough, you can spin once at a time or (if you have more than 10) spin 10 times at once. At the bottom left you will also see when you will receive your next spin for free. If you have run out of spins, you can buy more with coins.

How many spins do I have in a day?

You can get up to 3 free spins daily but you need to wait 7 hours until you got all of them. You get two extra spins if you watch two advertisement videos. If that’s not enough for you, you can always buy spins with your coins.

The probabilities of the star level in Tailor of Fortune

1 star items – probability: 400 out of 575
2 star items – probability: 150 out of 575
3 star items – probability: 20 out of 575
4 star items – probability: 4 out of 575
5 star items – probability: 1 out of 575

EXAMPLE: If you want to receive a four-star item, there is a chance that with 575 spins 4 clothing items with 4 stars will be included.

What is the pity timer in Tailor of Fortune?

After this number of spins, you will definitely receive the following clothing items:

3 star items – at least 1 after 50 spins
4 star items – at least 1 after 100 spins
5 star items – at least 1 after 500 spins

What is the Tailor of Fortune Spin Demon?

The Spin Demon is a permanent helper for you. If you paid for it, you get the following advantages:

  • you get 7 instead of 3 free spins daily 
  • the time in which you get these spins decreases from 7 to 3 hours

The spin demon costs around €11-12 or $11-12 once, depending on which platform you buy it from.

Advantages of the Spin Demon

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