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What are stamps?

With stamps you have the possibility to send friend requests to other users in Hotel Hideaway. You can find them in your „Me“ tap at the bottom right of the menu.

Me-Tap with Stampoverview

How many stamps do I have?

You can have up to five stamps.

How do I get stamps in Hotel Hideaway?

You will receive them automatically while you are logged into the game. They recharge from time to time. The more stamps you want to collect, the longer it will take to recharge. The first stamp recharges within a few minutes. The 5th stamp, on the other hand, takes a few hours.

What do multiple stamps in Hotel Hideaway bring?

To be generally friends with a user, you need 1 stamp. That means with 5 stamps you can send 5 new friend requests. 

But you can also strengthen existing friendships with more stamps. This allows you to send each other better friend gifts, which in turn include better or more items. A friendship can be increased/levelled up to level 5 (called T5 in Siel). For this you need for example 5 stamps. (More in our wiki entry Friendship Requests)

Make higher friend request

How long do stamps charge in Hotel Hideaway?

As a non-VIP member, the following reload times are available:

  • 1st stamp: 5 minutes
  • 2nd stamp: 20 minutes
  • 3rd stamp: 1 hour
  • 4th stamp: 4 hours
  • 5th stamp: 12 hours

As a non-VIP member (or during the Hotel Hideaway „Friendathon“ event), recharge times are cut in half:

  • 1st stamp: 2:30 minutes
  • 2nd stamp: 10 minutes
  • 3rd stamp: 30 minutes
  • 4th stamp: 2 hours
  • 5th stamp: 6 hours

As a VIP member, during the „Friendathons“ event, the recharge times are reduced by half again:

  • 1st stamp: 1:15 minutes
  • 2nd stamp: 5 minutes
  • 3rd stamp: 15 minutes
  • 4th stamp: 1 hour
  • 5th stamp: 3 hours

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