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Public rooms

The public rooms are an important part of Hotel Hideaway. They are THE most important meeting places for every player and the only way to buy furniture, clothes and colors. Until a few years ago, when there were no private rooms, the public rooms were the only rooms in the entire game.

Oasis Lobby

The Oasis Lobby is the first public room that Hotel Hideaway ever had. It is the public room where newbies start their adventure in the game and where experienced players mostly redeem their daily rewards. You can find the the recycler, the wheel of fortune, the carpenter of chance and the suitcases there. The shop based in this room is called „The Wall Mall“. From the Oasis Lobby you can visit the Beach, the Fusion Kitchen, the Velvet Room and a secret room.


The Beach is outside of the Oasis Lobby. You can relax, sit around the campfire with friends or party on a large yacht during the summer! The shop in this room is called „Easy Frank’s“. In addition, there is the Face Odyssey and the Color Shop, where you can buy different colors for your clothing, hair and much more. From the beach you can get back to the Oasis Lobby and even to a secret room!

Fusion Kitchen

The Fusion Kitchen consists of four differently themed sections, each of them have seating and tables. This public room is a very popular meeting place for newbies. It is also the first public room without shop. People often role-playing to be kitchen staff and will ask you for cookies. From the Fusion Kitchen, you can go back to the Oasis Lobby, the Relaxarium, the Hallways or even go to a secret room!

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Velvet Room

In the Velvet Room you can make your dream as a singer or pianist come true and get a drink at the bar. The „Suits and Giggles“ and „Adom“ shops are located in this public room. Both shops sell very high-end fashion clothes and hairs, so very are rather expensive. Adom is also called the most expensive shop in Hotel Hideaway because the clothes can only be bought with diamonds. From the Velvet Room, you can go back to the Oasis Lobby.

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The Relaxarium is one of the most popular public rooms in Hotel Hideaway and was released in 2017. You will find the famous ranking list and the shop „Baze“, in which you will mainly find sport clothes and flags from several countries and the LGBTQ+ movement. From the Relaxarium you can go back to the Hallways or to the Spa.

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The Spa is located inside of the Relaxarium and is the only non-secret public room that is not visible in the Elevator. It is the perfect spot to swim in the water or to get a massage while relaxing. From the Spa you can go back to the Relaxarium or to a small Sauna. There is no shop in this room.

Sunset Street

The Sunset Street was added to the game in late May 2018. Hotel Hideaway shared a first concept art for this public room in late March of 2018, saying the release was imminent. It is, except of the Beach, the only public room that is outside of the hotel. A special feature of the Sunset Street is that there are three different background songs that are only played as soon as you zoom into one of the three areas. The only shop in this room is called „PUG“ and mainly offers rebellious clothes.

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