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Private Rooms
What are Private Rooms?

In Hotel Hideaway, you can create and customize your own rooms! 

But this wasn’t always the case. Before the summer of 2018, you only had one room and couldn’t edit or lock it. Only friends could enter and there were no space for private rooms in the elevator view. Crazy right?

Room Settings

In your room settings you are able to do the following:

  • Change your room name
  • Change your room description
  • Publish and unpublish your room
  • Lock and open your room
  • Change your room icon


Room settings
Room Editor

The room editor is where you can actually customize and decorate your room. You can also do a few other options while in the room editor such as saving your progress, clearing your room, changing your layout and deleting your room. 

Room editor
Save, clear, change and delete
Room Layouts

Hotel Hideaway offers a small collection of different room layouts which you can purchase and use. These layouts vary in price so here’s the images of the layouts currently available! 


Default Layout (free)
On the Edge (5,000 coins)
Olohuone (25,000 coins)
Anime Cave (37,500 coins)
Third Act (50,000 coins)
Secret Layer (100,000 coins)
Victorian Elegance (200,000 coins)
Ancient Temple (400,000 coins)
Room Scoring
Once your room is published, you’ll be able to turn it into the top rated space with room scoring! The more points you get, the higher you’ll reach on the leaderboard. You can increase your room’s score by doing the following:
  • Having guests visit your room that haven’t visited before.
  • Getting repeat visits to your room.
  • Maximising the amount of time guests spend in your room.
  • Adding My Room items. (Newer items, Lux items, items with higher star ratings and unique items* will give your room more points.)
  • The number of cookies given to your room.

If you unpublish the room and make it private, you will lose all cookies that the room has gained. While this will affect the room’s score, it won’t reset like the number of cookies does.

Please note that if you have multiples of the same item, your score will increase less the more you have of them placed in your room.

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