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Hotel Hideaway Pins
What are Hotel Hideaway Pins?

Pins (also called brooches) are small badges that you can get in Hotel Hideaway through various activities. Many of these Pins can be leveled if you meet the Pin’s increasing goals.

Do Hotel Hideaway Pins give experience points / EXP?

Pins currently do not give you gifts such as experience points, boxes, suitcases, coins or diamonds. It is not clear if this is planned for in the future.

Where can I find Hotel Hideaway Pins?

You can find the pins in your profile next to the stickers.

Show pin next to name
Show Hotel Hideaway Pins on your profile

You can show pins that have already been activated in your profile by opening the pin tab and freely placing the pin in your profile, similar to the stickers. You can activate a total of 11 pins / stickers at the same time.

Show Hotel Hideaway Pins in the friends list / room list

If you place a pin in your profile on the marked place to the left of your name, the selected pin will also be shown to your friends in the friends list (see example above).

Differences between the hotel hideaway pins

There are two types of pins: 

  • Normal/Seasonal pins that are rarer that you can get at seasional events (Christmas, Halloween), for example.
  • Pins of the bonus system / activity system: You automatically activate these pins for various interactions. Example: For assigning a certain number of cookies. These pins can be „leveled“.
Level hotel hideaway pins / level hotel hideaway bonus system

Many pins are part of the Hotel Hideaway bonus system. These can be „leveled“ and change optically depending on the level:

  1. Level: bronze
  2. Level: silver
  3. Level: gold
  4. Level: crystal
  5. Level: black

Special feature of the 5th Hotel Hideaway pin level: This level can be „leveled up“ infinitely. It no longer changes visually, but the pin receives a small additional number.

Hotel Hideaway Bonus System Pins Requirements / Quantitie
PinLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 5+
Owning colors115150190230270270
Roomseason (global) PositionTop 1.000Top 200Top 50Top 10Top 1Top 1
Get Lux Items 3103075250250
5 hearts at Tailor of Style1x5x30x75x200x200x
Submit outfits to Tali of Style50x300x600x1.200x2.000x2.000x
Room season participation2x6x12x24x48x48x
Logging in (without interruption)2 days7 days14 days21 days30 days30 days
Owning Level 5 Pins2 Pins4 Pins8 Pins12 Pins16 Pins16 Pins
Collect seasonal pins2 Pins5 Pins10 Pins20 Pins50 Pins50 Pins
Collecting complete
Carpenter furniture sets
1 Set3 Sets6 Sets12 Sets18 Sets18 Sets
Giving cookies201001.0005.00015.00015.000
I am missing progress on some Hotel Hideaway pins – why?

When the pins are introduced on July 19, 2021 at approximately 11:00AM UTC +1, Hotel Hideaway has decided that most pins (except for the Color Ownership pin) will start at 0. No matter what achievements you had in Hotel Hideaway before the pins were introduced.

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