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Merge Bot
What is the Hotel Hideaway Merge Bot?

The Merge Bot is an additional function of the Recycler introduced in September 2021 and located in the public hotel room „Oasis Lobby“.

Interface of the Merge Bot

When is the Hotel Hideaway Merge Bot activated?

The Merge Bot is not always active in the Recycler. It is only activated as a „Merge Bot Event“ and then the feature is usually only available for a few days. Similar to other Hotel Hideaway bonuses or events, a countdown is displayed in the Merge Bot. When a Merge Bot event is activated in the Recycler, the Recycler in the Oasis Lobby is green. When the Merge Bot is started, each user normally receives three free spins for the spin wheel.

Recycler turns green and becomes a merge bot during an event

How does the Hotel Hideaway Merge Bot work?

In Merge Bot, you can mix/fuse 4 of the same items that you get from the Wheel (Tailor of Fortune) to get a completely new item. Generally, 4 items of the same kind are needed. For example, if you have 8 items of the same kind, you don’t have to mix them 2x in a row, but you can do it all at once.

Usually you can continue to fuse the resulting items when you have 4 of them again. An overview of the currently mixable items and their results can also be found in the Merge Bot.

Where can I get the items I need for the Hotel Hideaway Merge Bot?

You can get them in the Tailor of Fortune. During a Merge Bot event, the probability of receiving such items increases greatly.

In addition, Hotel Hideaway also awards a special selection of these items as prizes in group events. The TOP groups will receive a higher number of Merge Bot mixable items. The mixable items that you receive as a prize in group events are not available in the rotating wheel.

How do I recognize items that are suitable for the Hotel Hideaway Merge Bot?

Items that are suitable for the merge bot are marked with a small green icon.

Can I use the Recycler when the Merge Bot is enabled?

Yes, you can switch to the recycler in the merge bot.

The use of the recycler is still possible by clicking on the marked icons.

Can I recycle items that are needed in the Hotel Hideaway Merge Bot?

Yes, once the merge bot event has expired and the merge bot is deactivated.

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