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Level based functions

During your journey in Hotel Hideaway – especially at the beginning – you’ll gradually unlock certain functions by increasing your level. These can be very useful and make your stay at the hotel more interesting.

Hotel Hideaway cookies gift

From level 6 you can give cookies to your friends. You get them through daily rewards and opening suitcases. 

Give cookies (at the right corner)

Hotel Hideaway Recycler

Once you reach level 8, you can use the recycler. This allows you to recycle 4 garments you already own and get a garment with a higher value. During events, recycling costs are often reduced.


Hotel Hideaway name change

From level 10 you can change your name. The first time is free, after that it will cost you 1000 diamonds.

Hotel Hideaway Vamos

In Hotel Hideaway, there are several copies of each hotel room, which are automatically created as soon as all the current rooms are full. In order for you and your friends to get into the same dimension and therefore into the same rooms, you can create a Vamos. You can find the button for this in the elevator.

Hotel Hideaway Friendship Booster

From level 20 you get three friendship boosters. With the help of friendship boosters you can directly increase a friendship from rank 1 to rank 4. However, this is only possible with friends who are below level 15.

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