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Hotel Hideaway Staff
What are Hotel Hideaway Staff?

Hotel Hideaway staff are employees from the company  „Sulake“ and „Go Game“ who look after and work on the game. All employees are over the age of 18 and work in offices located in several locations! The office locations are in Madrid, Finland, London and The Netherlands.

Hotel Hideaway staff are to not be confused with “NPCs/BOTs”, which are computer-controlled characters within the game. 

How do I know who is staff?

Hotel Hideaway staff have a few unique features which stand out from regular users. The staff have a green crown above their heads and their chat bubble is green. Please note that these features can be turned off at the staffs discretion. If you believe someone is staff but don’t have the crown or green chat activated, try to place them on block! The system does not allow you to block a staff member.

Green crown

Green bubble
Is there a list of staff?

Some of the staff that you may see inside the game are: 

  • Lafollegrenouille
  • Gman
  • IsadoraBelle
  • Legion
  • Solv
  • Andrei Boy
  • Andrei Girl
  • Simo
  • CoolMotions
  • Olsoweir
  • Anydeo
  • Snackrifice 
  • Evie Zamora


Note:  This list is not finalized as the Hotel Hideaway staff often use new or different names. It is therefore possible that an employee is not listed here but you may see them inside the game.

Where’s the best place to meet a staff member?

Although staff can sometimes be seen in all areas of the game, you have a better chance of spotting them inside event rooms and party rooms. If you really want to meet one, keep an eye out in your news section to see if any parties or events are being held!

How do I become a Hotel Hideaway employee?

Working for Hotel Hideaway is a real life job. You will need to fit their requirements and qualification needs to apply for a position (if available). Please check out their company website for more details. 

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