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Habbo Hotel
What is Habbo?

Habbo (originally named Habbo Hotel) is just like Hotel Hideaway an online community but exclusively for younger people between the ages of 12 and 18. The biggest difference between both games is the style, because instead of 3D models used as in Hotel Hideaway, Habbo consists the pixelated 2D objects.

The history of Habbo

Habbo was created by the finnish developers Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä in 2000. At that time it was still called Hotelli Kultakala (eng. Hotel Goldfish). Two years later, an advertising company was hired to find a new name for the game. An employee, which worked for this company, drank a lemonade called „Happo“. He switched the letter pp with bb and so the name was decided.

Habbo was until January 2001 only available in Finland, then also in the UK and a few months later in Switzerland. In the following years more and more hotels opened and promotional deals were concluded. Habbo ultimately became a great success between 2004 to 2010.

Is Habbo still getting updates?

Since 2020, a commissioned team from Turkey has been working on a new version of Habbo. It is based on the same platform as Hotel Hideaway: Unity. According to the developers, the concept of Habbo is way too old and needs new ideas and creativity to modernize the game. The main focus is on Hotel Hideaway, which is not particularly surprising when you consider how big Hotel Hideaway is.

Should I play Habbo?

Habbo is still actively looked after by several staffs nowadays. You will find especially tricky and funny games where you can receive „badges“ (similar to stickers), of which there are now thousands. You can also work there in armies and can participate in various role-playing games. You should definitely try it out!

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