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Friendship gift / lucky gifts
What is a Hotel Hideaway friendship gift?

A friendship gift is an item that you can give to your friends in your friends list. The content varies depending on the friendship level.

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How many gifts can I give in Hotel Hideaway?

You can give up to three gifts a day.

How many gifts can I or another user receive per day?

Each user can receive three gifts a day.

Can I choose what I give away?

No, it is selected randomly.

What gifts do I receive for my friendship rank?

The following items can be included in a gift (max. 1), depending on your friendship level:

Friendship rank 1 (1 stamp needed)

  • 10 Diamonds
  • 100 Coins


Friendship rank 2 (2 stamps needed)

  • 20 Diamonds
  • 200 Coins
  • 1 Wheel of Fortune Spin (Tailor of Fortune)


Friendship rank 3 (3 stamps needed)

  • 30 Diamonds
  • 300 Coins
  • 2 Wheel of Fortune Spins (Tailor of Fortune)


Friendship rank 4(4 stamps needed)

  • 50 Diamonds
  • 500 Coins
  • 3 Wheel of Fortune Spins (Tailor of Fortune)
  •  1 Box (Carpenter of Chance)


Friendship rank 5 (5 stamps needed)

  • 75 Diamonds
  • 650 Coins
  • 4 Wheel of Fortune Spins (Tailor of Fortune)
  • 2 Boxes (Carpenter of Chance)
  • 2 Suitcases (Lost and Found)
Where can I see how many friendship gifts I have left?

You can check the number of friend gifts and upgrades you have left by opening your friends list. This is located on the right side of your screen.

What is a lucky gift?

When you send a friend a friendship gift, there is a small possibility that it could turn into a good lucky gift! The probability depends on the rank of friendship you have with the friend.

These are the probabilities given in %:

  • Rank Level 1: 0.5%
  • Rank Level 2: 1%
  • Rank Level 3: 2%
  • Rank Level 4: 3%
  • Rank Level 5: 5%
A lucky gift contains one of the following items:
  • 500 Diamonds
  • 15.000 Coins
  • 20 Wheel of Fortune Spins (Tailor of Fortune)
  • 5 Boxes (Carpenter of Chance)
  • 2 purple Boxes
  • 1 golden Boxes
  • 10 Suitcases (Lost and Found)

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