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Pin: Room season global

You can get this pin by placing globally in the Room Season event. This event starts every month. Here you can create a new room and publish it for everyone. This room will automatically participate in this Hotel Hideaway contest. Your ranking depends on how often, how long and how many users have been in your room during the 30 days. Also, the number of cookies your room has received during this time counts. Your room will automatically be placed in the local (depending on the language you have set in your game) room season competition and – depending on the international comparison – in the global competition.

This is the amount you need:

Level Placing
Top 1.000
Top 250
Top 50
Top 10
First place

After reaching the 5th level, you can level this pin again with the same number. After that, the color no longer changes, but a number appears on the pin. This shows other users how many times you have reached the last level.

Globally placed rooms in the Navigator

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