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Concert Venue / Star guests

In February 2021, Sulake introduced a new way to show special guests and stars. In the public room, called „Concert Venue“, special guests and stars are doing Hotel Hideaway-exclusive performances. They are mostly 30 minutes long. During this time, the public room is also activated and will be deactivated again after the concert, which will be shown a total of three times.

You can also buy exclusive merchandise for a limited time and wear them for the concert!

The following artists have performed so far
  • Luuk Van Dijk (February 2021)

It was the first concert ever. After this concert, Azerion revealed that 85,000 people attented to the concert in general and 245,000 digital merchandise was sold.

Luuk Van Dijk’s concert
  • Mark Sixma (March 2021)
Mark Sixma’s concert
  • Tommi Salomaa (May 2021)

He created the soundtrack for Hotel Hideaway back in 2015. The soundtrack is called „Soundtrack of their lives“ and you can listen to it here. (external link)

Tommi Salomaa’s concert
  • Cookiee Kawaii (May 2021)

This concert was announced to celebrate the 15 million member milestone. Cookiee said prior to the concert that „it’s an honour that I get to headline as a part of the brand new virtual concert“ and that she’s „been a fan of Habbo since a kid“.

Cookiee Kawaii’s concert
  • Trixie Mattel (June 2021)

In part of the Pride Month, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Winner visited Hotel Hideaway to perform a comedy and entertainment show.

Trixie Mattel’s concert
  • FlyByMidnight (August 2021)

In early August 2021, the American duo visited Hotel Hideaway! Later, even a separate meet and greet was raffled off via the fan pages. We were also allowed to give away a place.

FlyByMidnights’s concert
How do I found out that a concert is taking place?

Always make sure you check your inbox for news in the game or follow the social media pages to keep yourself informed about the latest concerts happening in Hotel Hideaway. ClubHideaway will also let you know about it

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