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Chat Codes
What are chat codes?

With these codes, you can personalize your text within the game.  Hotel Hideaway offers chat codes which can work in your regular chat box and when customizing your profile. You can use these codes to make your text bold, italic, colored and even different sized. 

Example of what chat color codes and some other chat codes look like in your profile
Codes which work for your regular chat box

If you include these codes at the start of your text in Hotel Hideaway, the text will change as follows:

<b> Bold text

<i> Italic text

<s> Strikethrough text

<sup> Superscript text

<sub> Subscript text

<u> Underline text

<br> Creates a new line 

<size=number>  Makes your text size different

<color=red> Red text
<color=blue> Blue text
<color=yellow> Yellow text
<color=green> Green text
<color=purple> Purple text
For a different shade of color, please use HEX color codes. Here’s an example:
<#ffaf94> Peach text (HEX)

To explore different HEX codes, please click HERE!

Codes which work in your profile

<b> Bold text

<i> Italic text

<#0d00ff> Dark blue text (HEX)

To explore different HEX codes, please click HERE!


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